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(September, 2000)


"Produced by Ian Spanic of the Spanic Boys, this rocker from the mid west is a real revelation.
Like Steve Earle, he mixes rock and roots with energy and throws on the plate a handful of superb songs that signify great maturity, deep song writing and very catchy music".

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"Four stars! Yes, and I havenít got any doubts about David Todoran, heís not exactly a beginner, heís already been around for a few years and now heís come out of anonymity with a bit of thanks to Ian Spanic, leader of the Spanic Boys.

Todoran is a roots rocker with hard skin, with Steve Earle in his heart and his homeland in his soul.

He mixes rock and country with energy, writes open lyrics, he makes the guitar and rhythm section roll with energy and he composes songs that leave their mark.

I got to know him through this his second album, but David already started two years ago, also with the production of Spanic with "Solstice" which Dave Tienen, editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, defined "superb heartland rock".

And without doubt Tienen was right.

Todoran follows superb heartland rock, that kind of rock that has in its roots both country and traditional American music, and which has a father, greats like John Cougar Mellancamp.

Todoran started playing about five years ago, he registered some demos and a couple of songs ended up in local compilations, then he went into the studio with Ian Spanic to record his first album. A brilliant album, with vigorous sounds.

Now David, after having played uninterrupted for two years, has recorded his second album, and Under My Skin is even better than the first.

Roots rock with body, very Earle oriented, but with strong country roots and rock n roll.

Proud music, played vibrantly with a fist of music that goes straight to the heart.

Other than David, who sings, plays the electric guitar, various acoustic guitars, and the harmonica, there are in the studio Brad Kuhns on base, Steve Davidson on drums, and Frank Anderson on pedal steel and accordion.

The opening song Under My Skin is a powerful song, an evocative ballad, sustained by an enveloping accordion an sung in a direct way by the clear voice of the singer/songwriter.

The guitar recalls the sound of Earle, but the sound is more mid western and less Texan. Thereís the hand of Spanic behind this sound, his experience.

A great song.

I Know Now is very Earle oriented, it has the pace of Steveís songs and similar harmonies, but the acoustic arrangement, the vigorous singing and the direct melody give it a notable personality.

Telluride, dedicated to the famous bluegrass festival is a more relaxed country ballad, only slightly inferior to the first two tracks.

Did It Again has a biting rhythm and a nice bass melody, there is always Earle and his style behind Davidís sound, but the song has character, strength and pride. The chorus is notable between country and rock which you memorize instantly.

Carry On is evocative and reminds the listener of old ballads, memories of time. The acoustic bass and the enveloping harmonica make it different from the rest of the album. Todoran has an expressive voice typical of this genre of music and his composite strength exhalts in songs like this: when the rhythm comes in the song gains body and becomes a country song of great depth.

Here You Are is country, in the most classic sense, like Dwight Yoakam, with a fast train, a nice steel guitar, and a very simple melody even if already heard.

Splendid is the word for Angelina, amongst the best of his work. Endowed with a nice rhythm, it has an irresistible chorus and an involving sound, with banjo and a rhythm section which act like owners, while Davidís open voice does the rest.

Walkin In My Shoes keeps your attention, country again but with the touch of the singer/songwriter, a lively rhythm and a nice guitar in evidence.

Closing the album is I Already Know, a romantic ballad with less electric material and Donna Darlin, a nice song but less original than those before it.

David Todoran is one of the discoveries of the year."

(Buscadero Magazine - Italy, September 2000, No. 216)