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Using a bare minimum of remote recording gear, the sessions took place at Berlinís Kulturbrauerei, a renovated brewery that now houses art galleries, theatre and cinema spaces, and an opera house. The setting would play a vital role in the mood of the album. Inside its walled perimeter, Kulturbrauerei is a maze of cobblestone alleys and imposing 19th Century red brick buildings. Outside its gates the bohemian borough of Prenzlauer Berg buzzes with street life. Likewise, Todoranís brooding, elegiac melodies open up onto hooks that burst with epiphany. Building from a foundation of acoustic/resonator guitar, double bass and drums, recording engineers Moe Jakcsh and Danny Dziuk layered each song with atmospheric electronica, swirling keyboards and edgy guitars. The result is a cinematic journey beyond the borders of Americana.

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